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Biography (Long Story Short)

The story began on 1994 when a sad situation in my family forced my mother to buy me my first Personal Computer, just to keep my brain occupied with something else than the everyday sadness she was dealing with.

Throught the games i was playing, i managed to learn the basics on DOS systems and fast enough i wanted to learn more. Also the Hyundai 286E PC i was using at the time, started breaking down and i could not stand the laughter of one of my cousins that had total knowledge on PC systems when he came by my house to fix my broken PC.

After that incident i felt humiliated being a little kid that got laughed at and i made a promise to myself! To not allow anyone else help me again on anything... So i had to learn to do everything by myself.

Closing down the 90s ERA, me and my best friend, Alex Argyris (†) who was a pure Metal Head, started looking around for programms to enhance our knowledge on GFX Designing and Music Mixing and Editing

It was then that we found about Photoshop, (version 5.1), and Propellerhead's Reason plus Goldwave (currently the Golwave project is freeware & paid).

We started learning the basics around those programms and soon enough the creative bug was into me. I wanted to design everything i could and learn techniques on GFX Manipulation as also in Music editing and production.

To make end's meet, i had to perform as a DJ in Clubs and Bars in my native town of Athens, so everyday that was passing by, i was learning even more about music.

It was 2011 when i started cooperation with a Web Designer - Developer as a UI and UX Designer for his customer's Websites and e-Shops. But i was not satisfied with the results he provided because of his boredom and "cutting corners" on coding just to provide an easy and fast result. So i threw myself on Coding, started reading and practicing and i have now the basic knowledge to create my designs in Code.

Nowdays my talents on software are many more of course, and a major role on that played the UNP Gaming Clan i was a part of in my youth, as i served as a GFX Designer for our website's needs, although i can assure you that my designs were the worst i have ever created back then.

So...What are you doing with your Social Media Focused Life? ;)


Who are you looking into?

  • Name: Spiridon Kolovos (Snae)
  • Date of birth: January 01, 1984
  • Address: Athens, Attica, Greece
  • Email: contact[at]unp-snae.com
  • Occupations: GFX, UI/UX, Web Designer & Animator, Sound Engineer, Music Producer


Here are some Good and some Bad Highlights of my personal and professional life since 1994 as a timeline.

04 Jan 1984

Birth Date

I was born in Athens, Attica, Greece, in the same year as "The Terminator", "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Beverly Hills Cop", "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", "Ghostbusters", "Gremlins", "The Karate Kid" and also a huge amount of my personal favorite songs, such as "What's Love Got to Do with It", "Say Say Say", "Jump", "Dancing in the Dark", "Talking in Your Sleep", "Somebody's Watching Me", "Sunglasses at Night", "Eyes Without a Face" and many more,

04 Jan 1984

21 Jul 1994

First PC

I aquired my first Personal Computer that became the Ultimate "teacher" on the Technical aspect of my Knowledge to date. I learned how to use D.O.S., also how to destroy Personal Computers and then repair the machine without any knowledge or parts.

18 Mar 1995

Computer Technology & Microsoft Windows

My mother that was observing my interest in Computer systems, so when an opportunity from the Municipality that i lived arised, she sent me to participate on free seminars about the etymology, the hardware structure of a Personal Computer and the newly presented O.S. back then to my country, Windows 3.1.

18 Mar 1995

1996 - 2001

Early Gaming ERA

The first touch on Computers was via Gaming. I was fascinated after i played Test Drive 1 by Accolade and i was immediatelly hooked on that new technological aspect in my everyday life.

Me, my fiends Alex Argyris and Hill.K. were constantly playing as many games as we could, trying to master them. When i launch most of these games nowdays, i am constantly in awe of the amount of patience and skill that is needed to actually play even the first level correctly.

Although there were not too many people back then to own a PC, after the year 1996, a couple of my friends were into it and we were exporing together the use and fun aspect of it.

We were fixated on Diablo 1, Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption, Command & Conquer, Blood, Harvester, SimCity and many more.

On the late 90s, we began with the basics of Photoshop use, also we have found Goldwave Audio Software and we were creating whatever we could on it paired with Propellerhead's Reason in the begining of the 2000s. Myself and Hill.K. were listening to lots of different genres of music, and started learning the basics of DJing from a young age.

May 2001 - June 2003

Sound Engineer Degree

Immediately after finishing school, i enroled in ΑΝΤ1 Study MediaLab to receive a Degree on Acoustic, Live & Studio Sound Engineering.

May 2001 - June 2003

Sep 2002 - May 2003

GFX - GPX Seminar

I participated in Digital Design Seminars by the Municipality that i live. They were well organised and i grabbed all the knowledge that i could in a short span on 12 classes.

Actually, it gave me enough knowledge to begin with, but the best aquisition was the thirst for more. Back in the day it was books, or infomatic articles on any PC magazine of course, but those did the job.

2007 - 2010


In the year 2007 i was playing a new Online Racing Game called Trackmania ESWC, when a member of UNP Gaming Squad approached me to join them. This clan that was created by "Army people" that were there to have fun and as an ex-military person, it felt like family in there.

Eventually, after a period of a "recruit" status, i was playing games with 35 people of all over the world until the year 2010, when the Squad was dismantled

Through this clan i met people that were good, bad, honorable, dishonorable, human but also unfriendly and egotistic. But most importantly i met my best bud, Mr. Doofer911. Also i was a GFX Designer for the Squad, although my designs were at least despicable.

This experience, believe it or not, gave me the confidence i needed to become better human, communicate correctly, read more on GFX designing, learn new programs and techniques and i began judging myself harsly and in full, located my faults and i developed self  awareness.

2007 - 2010

01 Jan 2008 - 01 Jan 2015

K&F Papoulias S.A. ERA

The incident that began my thirst for more knowledge and skill on GFX Designing, as also in website creation, was my workplace at the time. I had just started at an Import-Export Company as a Warehouse worker.

My limited IT knowledge (compared to today's level), got me into the office, maintaining the tech side, as also began the procedure of converting a fully analogue Company structure to a digital one. Fax to e-mail and servers.

The process was not easy, as i didn't have any prior knowledge - experience about servers, domain names, CMS installation and configuration, Coding etc, so what did i do?

I rented a server (my own expences) from Siteground and learned anything i could to provide for the Company. I ended up creating everything from scratch as also two (2) e-shops for the main Import-Export Company and it's subsidiary, about Traditional Food & Desserts.

10 Jul 2010 - 2 Oct 2017


In the year 2010 i joined KNK Undergound Collections as a GFX Designer for the albums of the members, as also as a music producer for the brand and all asossiated acts.

In the year 2017 i departed KNK due to lack of time to be engaged and a part of that crew, but also because the majority of work was getting done by 2-3 people out of the 36 members, draining us out of e(mp)nergy.

I have joined the team mainly for my love for music, to explore other people talent and creativity, and gain more experience. It was not my workplace. It was a project to have fun with friends. I ended up working hard and not having fun at all. So i got out...

Now i am releasing my personal favourite productions under different Project names. USE and iSkra being two (2) of those.

There are lots of Unreleased and personal productions since 1998 until now.

10 Jul 2010 - 2 Oct 2017

2012 - 2016

Movie Scores

In two (2) occasions my friend approached me to score his short films

The first score finalised in the year 2012 using some minimal and mystical elements, alongside George Tsakarakas and another producer.

The movie is called "Iceberg" and it gained 4 awards.

The second one, was easier to be made because it was closer to my style of producing with Dance Trance and Voca Trance elements.

It was finalised in the year 2016 called "The Invincible". The movie Received 3 Awards.

For now this is the only work i've done on movies but i would love to continue creating.

Here is the remix i created for the OST Album:

02 Jan 2015 - 01 Mar 2018

The Overmedia S.A. ERA

Following my departure from the previous Company (after 8 years) and armed with Seniority on UI/UX, GFX Designing & Animation, i landed in Web Development and Marketing Company, Overmedia S.A. 

In the begining i was working as a GFX Designer, but after one year of dedicated work and many hours invested, i managed to climb as a Project Manager (Workflow and Production), Art Director and UI/UX - GFX Designer for all the projects of our customers.

The workflow was constant, the project quality was getting better every day, the requirements were getting higher and as a result, i was left working for 14-16 hours a day, running everything i could, for my colleagues to not be forced to stay more hours.

Let's say i burned myself...

02 Jan 2015 - 01 Mar 2018

Mar 2018 - Jun 2019

The "Soulwearer" ERA

After working way too many hours, i took the decision to change workplaces once again. It was a big Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Company that had an e-Shop and they needed a designer - Data Entrist.

After the big amount of responsibilities that i had in my previous company, it would be something relaxing and soothing to be able to just photograph the products and write a small description.

I was wrong, so after 1 year I swiftly changed work enviroment going for something easier and simpler.

July 2019 - October 2021

Covid 19 - Situation

The next workplace out of pure luck, was a digital pharmacy, located in the center of Athens City. 10 minutes off my home and easy work was what i needed. I did my duties, helped with the design and realization of the new e-shop that the Owner needed to have and then i was set for something better.

I stayed there for the first wave of Covid as e-Pharmacies were getting a huge boost and i swapped to a bigger and better e-Pharmacy, solidifying the fact that in that really hard ERA for lots of workers, i wasn't going to be out of work. It was a Data Entrist - Copywriter work that i could easily perform.

July 2019 - October 2021

October 2021 - Today...


At the same time that i was working in the Pharmacies, i created a couple of Websites that were a sideproject. Some people took note and they called me for a meeting.

Interfil f&b Wear Co.

It is a Clothing Manufacturing company established in the year 2000. At the begining i thought that they wanted someone as a freelance partner, but after three meetings, i finalized the deal and started working in their company. The deciding factor was that they are technologically illiterate people, that via tought work by all three of them, they managed to create a company that has mastered it's field. Dancewear and Activewear are not easy to produce correctly as i've learned and also needs precision and true passion.

I wanted to help them continue creating their best and at the same time to transfer the company from the analogue, to the digital era.

I created their Sheddo® Brand eshop i also published digitally their products catalogue as a flip book and at the same time i created the designs for their secondary bussiness activity, an organic products retail store, as well as a simple website.

My next step, if not my own gpx and web designing company, i would love it to be a web development company, as Overmedia was, for me to be able to speak with people that understand my craft.


Full display of my Education and my Professional Career up to date

Here you can read in PDF format my entire Curriculum Vitae written in English Language.


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