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Find the latest of my music productions.

The majority of my projects are public domain and you can download anything you like using the Download links, except of all the paid projects or resources.
Iskra Projects Soundcloud

Latest Web Design (UI/UX) Projects

Find the latest of my UI/UX elements.

I am using Joomla!®, Dolibarr, Wordpress and Helix Framework under the GNU Operating System and the Free Software Movement. My prices are based on my skills and not your budget!

About Me


I am a Sound Engineer, a Graphics Designer & Animator and a self educated Junior Web Designer. Feel free to read my story pressing the "Read More" below.
Product Design
UI & UX Design
Music Production
Publications Design
Score Compositing

Video Production

Mixing | Editing | Sound Engineering


Full display of my Education and my Professional Career up to date

Here you can read in PDF format my entire Curriculum Vitae written in the English Language.

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